Selecting the correct valve for mine dewatering system

Deep gold mine dewatering system control mainly utilises non-return and discharge valves to ensure correct pump operation. The discharge valve isolates the pump from the dewatering column and plays a critical role during the multistage pump starting and stopping procedures. The pump valve configuration is critical in reducing the possibility of water hammer, stopping reverse flow and facilitating maintenance during the pump lifecycle. Selecting the correct valve size is important to ensure that pump efficiency is not compromised. Correct valve selection will also prolong pump operating life.


Take note

  • The choice of valve can have an impact on pump energy requirements.
  • Pump and valve combinations on large dewatering systems must be carefully considered.
  • Significant savings can be achieved by getting this combination right.


Published as:

Valve solutions for mine dewatering systems

By W Schoeman, R Pelzer and JC Vosloo, Centre for Research and Continuing

Engineering Development (CRCED), North-West University (Pretoria campus) and consultants to TEMM International and HVAC International

Electricity+Control, February 2013 (pages 36 - 38)