Reduced set-up times thanks to automated actuators

By M Wassenberg, SIKO


Published in:

Electricity+Control, July 2014 (pages 38-39)


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A German company that provides fixing systems, automotive systems, and process consulting services worldwide, switched sections of its packaging production over to innovative automated actuators. By using approximately 50 automated actuators of the series described, this company was able to reduce the set-up times of several production lines from 45 minutes to under five minutes. In addition to the low weight and small installation size of the automated actuators, the customer was particularly impressed by the connectivity and long-term reliability of the solution and the flexibility gained in the production process. Incoming orders can be dealt with quickly without having to stock the full range of items. The automated actuators can be automated and lead to a dramatic reduction in set-up times in the areas of mechanical and plant engineering.


Take note

  • Automated actuators remain a core component of any automation system.
  • Modern automated actuators facilitate effective automation and communication.
  • Automated actuators have been shown to offer a significant advantage where set-up time is critical.