High-end intelligent emergency valve applications

By J Kirmanen, Metso


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, July 2013 (pages 32 – 34)

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Process facilities today are facing growing challenges to meet requirements with respect to the environment, health and safety of the plant personnel while maximising product output and quality. With increasing energy prices, process plants must further develop their processes and maximise the yield of valuable products in an energy-efficient way. Plant run-time targets are increasing, which also set more challenges on equipment reliability and safety. Depressurising or pressure protection, as well as burner emergency shut-off being part of the safety integrity system, is a part of the process industry’s backbone defence against a threat to personnel and equipment.

Intelligent partial-stroke devices capable of diagnosing emergency valve conditions are more commonly utilised in the hydrocarbon industry.


Take note

  • Modern plants are required to run for longer times and more efficiently.
  • Safety requirements are, rightly, becoming more critical than in the past.
  • Intelligent valves, able to provide diagnostic information and safe control, offer an important solution to the new challenges.