Control valve redesign to increase productivity

By E Ermel, AZ-Armaturen South Africa


Published in:

Electricity+Control, February 2015 (pages 32 – 33)

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The company represented by the author (referred to as the company) has introduced a flexible control valve solution which offers high accuracy, extraordinary abrasion and corrosion resistance and low maintenance cost. The company’s redesigned control valve range RH combines these features in order to provide more flexibility and increase productivity.

The construction of the RH control valve range is based on the standard cavity- and maintenance free plug valve with sleeve or chemical resistant lining. This rotary valve makes it possible to use any kind of quarter turn pneumatic, electric or hydraulic actuator and is not limited to any specific type of positioner. This offers the end-user the flexibility to use this control valve with their standardised types or brands of actuators and positioners.

The quarter-turn control valves suit hazardous, aggressive, erosive, abrasive, coking, solidifying and other hard-to-handle mediums. They are commonly used for control or throttling purposes in process, chemical, refining, mining, pulp and paper, power, and food industries.


Take note

  • Valve selection should be based on the question: ‘What is best to do the job?’
  • A flexible control valve solution with high accuracy, extraordinary abrasion and corrosion resistance, and low maintenance cost, is necessary.
  • This company has introduced a solution which offers all that is required.