Choose correct valve and save

Water flow and pressure can be controlled by installing control valves at strategic positions throughout the water reticulation system. Valve selection and specification require several constraints to be satisfied in order to ensure an effective solution. This article addresses the process of analysing system parameters to determine characteristics; it also evaluates possible solutions to select a suitable valve solution based on the determined constraints. The article is based on a water system optimisation project on a mine close to Westonaria (Johannesburg, South Africa).


Take note

  • Controlling water flow to underground areas results in significant savings.
  • Control valves can be used to manage water flow and pressure.
  • Choice of the most appropriate control valve requires significant compromise and a proper understanding of the constraints.


Published as:

Selection of control valves on water optimisation projects

By W Booysen, JF van Rensburg, EH Mathews, North-West University (CRCED Pretoria) and consultants to HVAC International and TEMM International

Electricity+Control, July 2012 (pgs 44 – 47)