Transformer condition monitoring: making the electrical connection

by S Kuwar-Kanaye, Impact Energy


Published in: Transformers and Substations Handbook: 2014

Chapter 4: Maintenance - page 62


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To overcome the demands associated with continuous electrical condition monitoring of critical assets and networks, certain analysers empowered by compression technology, make it possible to store up to 1 000 times more than other typical file formats. The device takes the guesswork out of Power Quality (PQ) and condition monitoring. It allows the analyser to continuously store the waveform of one or more power signals, regardless of whether or not an event of interest has been identified.

  • Continuous waveform recordings: the device is able to record and store all electrical waveforms, all the time, for more than a year (voltage at 1 024 samples per cycle, and current at 256 samples per cycle) with no gaps in data. These innovations provide a clear and comprehensive picture of conditions leading up to, during and after an event
  • Superior accuracy: the measurement uses the dual gain of 2 x 16 Bit to yield a superior accuracy – surpassing IEC61000-4-30 Class A requirements, thereby capturing the finest details and deviations in PQ and network condition parameters
  • Threshold-free set-up: the set-up is free from any thresholds, triggers, and events. If required, during set-up the device may be programmed with individual parameters for event flagging


Take note

  • Condition monitoring is important to guarantee the safe running of power transformers.
  • Indication of potential problems within transformers should not be limited to the concentration levels of the key dissolved gases.
  • PQ monitoring opens a new approach to anomalies on a network for further understanding of contributors to asset degradation.