Higher utilisation of power systems

by M Sanne, Siemens South Africa


Published in: Transformers and Substations Handbook: 2014

Chapter 3: Substation automation - page 54

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Smart Grid solutions are transforming the entire energy conversion chain into a living infrastructure that possesses the intelligence and automation to respond quickly, flexibly and comprehensively to the diversity of providers’ and customers’ needs. The Smart Grid represents a more efficient use of resources to achieve business and policy objectives. Integrating automation, wired and wireless networking and high-powered computing enable previously unimagined capabilities.

Solutions for today’s challenges across the energy value chain need to be driven by answering the question: Where to invest in the Smart Grid for real and best returns?

Smart Generation taps the potential of wind and solar power, geothermal energy and clean coal technologies. Smart Grid solutions strive to integrate renewable energy sources and cleaner fossil fuels into the grid, making access to energy more dependable, consistent and sustainable. Smart Grid Solutions cover the full range from utility-scale to micro renewable generation. Smart Grid technologies thus provide solutions to help power producers, grid operators, industries, multi-utilities, cities and rail operators to expand intelligence in energy transmission and distribution grids as well as in efficiently and effectively integrating centralised and decentralised power generation.

This is resulting in a growing market for products, solutions and services for protection, automation, planning, control, monitoring and diagnostics of grid infrastructure as well as products, complete turnkey solutions and services for railway electrification. With this, software and end-to-end solutions from Enterprise IT solutions through to Smart Metering solutions are becoming more and more important.


Take note

o Integrating automation, wired and wireless networking and high-powered computing enable previously unimaginable capabilities.
o Innovative energy automation technology makes it possible to adapt power grids to future demands, to modernise or to construct new power grids.
o Technology simplifies the control of power grids and ensures their stability and availability.