Saving Power Quality Rands

By S Kuwar-Kanaye

Published in:

Electricity+Control, December 2015 (pages 10 – 13)
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The energy constraints and rising costs facing South African power users impose a critical examination of all inefficiencies within the operation, and specifically within power networks, in order to drive profitability and ensure sustainability. The company represented by the author’s Energy Saving Concept, backed by proven PQ measurement and solution products, takes the guesswork out of quantifying the PQ Energy Cost Blue Print. Energy optimisation projects are in process around the country with energy users embracing the concept of turning PQ Technical losses into Saving PQ Rands.


Through the introduction of distributed 400 V Equalizer 4 MVAR real-time PFC detuned 7% a commercial building in Gauteng (South Africa) has the following savings potential as quantified through the Energy Saving Concept.


Table simulations of two transformers that are representative of the other transformers that run similar loads and hence representative of the site as a whole


Take note

  • Your utility bill is made of two components – the energy bill and the maximum demand.
  • Losses can be quickly used to estimate energy usage and wastage.
  • Poor Power Factor and poor Power Quality increase the losses in the system.