Reasons to choose ceramic infrared heaters 

  • The efficient heat transfer to the target reduces the processing time and energy costs.
  • The air in the equipment is not heated and consequently the ambient temperature may be kept at normal levels.
  • It is possible to design compact and automatic constructions with high controllability and safety.
  • Heating is more uniform than in conventional ovens because surface irregularities on the target have smaller effect on the rate of heat transfer.
  • Instant heat: Produces heat on turn-on. No need to wait for heat build-up.
  • Negligible maintenance: No moving parts to wear out, no air filters or lubrication required.
  • Clean: There are no by-products of combustion as with fossil fuels burning units.
  • Safe: No open flame, no leakage, no malfunctioning moving parts.
  • Efficient: All electric heaters convert energy to heat at 100%.
  • Reduced operating costs: Compared to unit heaters, IR accounts for up to 50% savings on energy/fuel.
  • Zone control flexibility: Could be controlled to heat different zones at different temperatures.

* (Fostoria electric infrared heaters manual).


Take note

  • Infrared heating offers significant energy saving over conventional heating.
  • Infrared heating is at a wavelength that penetrates the target and is converted to heat.
  • Ceramic heaters offer the highest radiant efficiency at infrared wavelengths.

Published as:

Energy efficient ceramic infrared heater

Simulation and modelling

By NS Izuegbu and ML Adonis, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Electricity+Control, November 2012 (pages 42 – 47)



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