Perfecting the thermal image

When taking a thermal image, you should pay attention to two things in particular:

  • Choosing the right subject area
  • Focusing the thermal image correctly on the area relevant to the measurement

As with a normal digital picture, you cannot change either the subject area or the focus of the image once the thermal image has been saved.

To obtain a perfect thermal image, you can make the following changes in your thermal imager and in the analysing software:

  • Change the emissivity and the reflected temperature compensation (RTC) setting. This can also be done point-by-point or in sections with professional analysing software
  • Choose an appropriate colour palette (eg iron, rainbow etc.). Depending on the colour palette, you will get a high-contrast, easy to interpret thermal image.
  • Adjust the temperature scale manually. This is how you can improve the temperature grading or colour grading of your thermal image


Published as:

Thermography in practice

By N Liddle, unitemp

Electricity+Control, August 2012 (pgs 44 – 48)

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