Powerhouse of research

By MMA Ansari


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, April 2013 (pages 68 – 69)

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The goal of any University is to not only educate, but also to stimulate ideas. The University of the Witwatersrand’s School of Electrical and Information Engineering (Wits EIE) does this to a heightened degree. By promoting innovation through cutting edge research, Wits EIE plays an integral role in developing creative graduates. The School has an extensive research department that acts as an incubator for advancements in technological development.


In addition to the theoretical components of the Wits EIE degrees, research forms an important part of the syllabus. The School has identified three predominant research thrusts: Energy, Information and Systems. Different laboratories exist, where individual projects are housed and each one draws expertise from these research thrusts.


Take note

  • A University must play a leading role in developing creative thinking.
  • Research is a fundamental component of a university and pushes the boundaries of what is possible in innovative technology.
  • Smaller players will enter the market as time goes by.