Power factor correction in distributed generation

Power factor correction (PFC) systems stabilise voltage and current fluctuations caused by power system and load interactions that may arise due to an increase in non-linear loads such as variable speed drives (VSDs), welding machines or the starting of large motors.

The author examines power quality issues, such as the presence of harmonics and the need for ‘detuning’ to avoid resonant conditions with capacitor banks, as well as the suitability of this type of technology for use with other distributed generation equipment such as wind turbines, micro turbines, and fuel cells.


Take note

  • Power factor correction is important and is a well established concept.
  • Modern power systems include sources which, by their nature, change rapidly – as do many modern loads.
  • Modern power factor correction equipment is able to correct the power factor on a cycle by cycle basis, responding to network conditions.


Published as:

Power Factor Correction in distributed generation applications

By E Kadec, Elspec

Electricity+Control, January 2013 (pages 30 – 33)

Email: ekadec@elspec-ld.com or Wayne@impactenergy.co.za.