Suppliers need to evolve along with sensor technology

By G Bryant, Countapulse Controls


Published in:

Electricity + Control, May 2015 (pages 26 – 28

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The speed and complexity associated with modern manufacturing and processing environments has meant that more and more processes are incorporating sophisticated instrumentation to ensure that they run at designed efficiencies.


In addition, the replacement of original sensing, measuring and monitoring devices represents a perfect opportunity to assess a specific application and the suitability of the equipment.

This is where specialist total solutions providers come to the fore in being able to recommend a more fit-for-purpose solution. This should take into account not only the latest trends and developments, but also the client’s specific requirements. It is entirely possible that selection of the original units occurred with one particular machine in mind, rather than a holistic overview of the entire process.


Take note

  • In the dynamic and sophisticated sensors environment, technology and business methodologies are changing.
  • Sensor selection is not as simple as matching a model number to a specific requirement.
  • Each application has unique and specific needs.