Sensors – anticipating and meeting market demand

By G Bryant, Countapulse Controls


Published in:

Electricity+Control, May 2014 (pages 12-13)



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When buying sensors online, people have little way of knowing whether it is the correct sensor for its intended use. The savings achieved in buying products online – in this case, buying sensors online - are generally short-lived and result in a host of other costs down the line. The costs of buying sensors online may be as a result of product failure or even process system failure, either of which will result in expensive downtime.

There is a critical shortage of skills globally; this is evident in the inability of many large organisations to ascertain which products will work best in their own processes. It is contingent upon instrumentation suppliers to assist the industry by providing supportive technical input. When suppliers offer their services to analyse customer processes and devise a comprehensive solution that provides them with best practice in each instance, they will be able to alleviate the headaches caused by the lack of in-house applications experience.


Take note

  • People, professionalism and passion are principles that equip companies for the challenges in a highly competitive market.
  • To serve the needs of their customer base, companies must ensure that their technical teams participate in regular, formalised applications knowledge sharing sessions.
  • The success of any organisation hinges on its ability to acquire and retain sought after skills.