Sensor parameters must be correct

In automation on many occasions plant or machine stoppages occur because the parameters of the sensor have been set incorrectly. Sensors supplied by different manufacturers have different set-up procedures, menu handling or configuration tools to adjust parameters. To manually set these parameters is time consuming at critical times, especially if technicians have to try to work out the particular programming or set-up method. Worse still, if the sensor in question has been completely destroyed and no information is readily available for the parameters values such as switching point, hysteresis, the switching characteristics of the NO (normally open) and NC (normally closed) contacts and various other settings. Can you be confident that all these parameters are correctly set during these critical times? There is a solution!

The IO-Link memory plug in combination with IO-Link sensors can reduce the chance of errors in parameterisation ensuring that this is done accurately and efficiently at initial installation and commissioning or during a breakdown situation.


Take note

  • In all process applications, sensors and switching devices require parameterisation.
  • Very often incorrect setting of these parameters results in plant stoppages.
  • The memory plug is a universal solution for all IO-Link sensors.


Published as:

Take control of parameterisation of sensors in your plant

By A Skelton, ifm electronic

Electricity+Control, September 2011 (pgs 40 - 42)