Photoelectrics: key to successful automation control

By B Letterle, EMX Industries, Inc


Published in:

Electricity+Control, September 2013 (pages 36 – 40)

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As the demand for products in the world-market continues to push production, the requirements for high-speed automated processes capable of providing these products and components at lower cost and higher quality continues to increase. Since subjective, visual inspection techniques are clearly not conducive to high-speed inspection and control requirements, sensors have stepped in to fill this need.

One of the key components in this high-speed production environment is the sensors. These devices provide the evaluation of many features and characteristics of products at rates exceeding hundredths of a second. Photoelectric sensors offer non-contact verification with far higher reliability and speed than contact techniques.

Although there are many types of sensors including ultrasonic, photoelectric, capacitive and inductive, this discussion focuses on specialty photoelectric sensors.


Take note

  • Photoelectric sensors are becoming more effective and more cost efficient.
  • Sensors must be chosen to best suit the application.
  • Simple guidelines will assist you in always choosing the most appropriate sensor.