Hands-on, customised approach to meeting application needs

By G Bryant, Countapulse Controls


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, May 2013 (pages 22 – 24)

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In the complex process and manufacturing environments, there is a great danger in installing products that are purchased without the benefit of any technical advice or support. Utilising sensing, monitoring and measuring instruments that have not undergone due diligence and that do not have a great deal of reputational weight, is highly risky.

Not only can the failure of such products cause major production line issues but in addition, the safety around such products cannot be guaranteed.

The alternative to online shopping is one-on-one technical instruction and support. This will ensure that the customer receives the correct advice regarding product selection in terms of best fit for application as well as adequate installation assistance.


Take note

  • Beware of online shopping for complex, high-tech devices that require support.
  • If you do not factor in the hidden cost of online device procurement, you are likely to end up paying way more than you expected.
  • Modern instruments are not merely devices – they are a solution that must be inclusive of high-level support.