Biometric enabled smart distribution board

The common problem experienced by all citizens in Nigeria is how to meet energy needs during outages which last longer than the period of availability of grid-electricity. To assist in resolving this problem, a smart distribution board with programmable power shedding and time delayed switching of inductive loads has been developed. The reprogramming of the board is by biometric authentication either directly via the integrated touch fingerprint module or by proxy via a swipe fingerprint in an RF remote control. The developed system is able to carry full load capacity of the nominal rating of the standby generator as a result of time delay switching sequence of inductive loads.


Take note

  • As economies grow, the challenge of adequate energy availability becomes acute.
  • The tighter the energy supply, the more important the need to manage its use effectively.
  • Smart, reprogrammable distribution boards can play a role in this process.


Published as:

Biometric enabled smart distribution board for load management

By TS Ibiyemi, University of Ilorin, Nigeria