Process safety through diaphragm seal systems with diaphragm break monitoring

By J Breunig and J Zipp, WIKA


Electricity+Control, January 2015 (pages 28 – 30)

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The manufacturing processes within the pharmaceutical industry are generally highly sensitive. The processes need to be as automated as possible in order to eliminate potential faults.


The control of individual parameters is thus based primarily on electronic measurement technology. Take pressure for example - transmitters, process transmitters and switches are used − in critical processes, predominantly in conjunction with a diaphragm seal. This combination protects the process and pressure measurement quality to the highest level: Diaphragm seals of a double-diaphragm design and with diaphragm break monitoring reliably prevent a possible contamination into or from the process.

Flawless purity of the products, reproducible quality and clear traceability are the core elements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. All pharmaceutical production processes within the European Union are subject to these regulations in order to ensure the quality of medicines and active ingredients with respect to consumer protection.


Take note

  • With process safety, pharmaceutical companies cannot afford negligence.
  • The expenditure required to ensure ‘no negligence’ is an economical solution in the long run.
  • Diaphragm seal systems with electronic pressure measuring instruments eliminate the potential for error.