Fully automated calibration of pressure modules

The advent of pressure calibration automation in a production or testing environment was a boon for manufacturers, yet pressure calibration laboratories could not take full advantage of the potential automation. While they had access to a device that would set pressure automatically, they did not have the resources to develop the calibration management software that could leverage the true automation capabilities.

Then, automated pressure controllers made it possible to automate parts of the process, but complete automation eluded the majority of calibration providers.

Further development of the software discussed in this article has led to the release of two additional versions which enables the calibration laboratory to run a completely automated, unattended, calibration of a pressure module.


Take note

  • Calibration is a crucial part of any instrumentation system.
  • Calibration labs have been increasingly squeezed to do more and more with less and less.
  • Modern pressure calibration systems are fully automated, providing the required results and reduced cost.


Published as:

End-to-end automated calibration of pressure modules

By D Deaver, Fluke Corporation

Electricity+Control, January 2013 (pages 22 – 24)