Electronic pressure measurement in three parts

The accurate measurement of pressure forms the basis of the safe and economical performance of many processes. Development of modern and reliable pressure measuring instruments and pressure sensors manufactured in large numbers has made many new production processes possible, for example special forming processes (hydroforming) for exhaust gas purification systems, high pressure pasteurisation of food, energy saving control of compressors and pumps, control of system pressures in electronic brake force control or accurate control of fuel injection. Nevertheless, there are still many processes nowadays where far too often pressure is generated that significantly exceeds the required value for the optimum operation. The experts estimate that over 90% of the compressors in air conditioning and refrigeration plants worldwide are operated without accurate pressure measurement, ie uneconomically. The majority of compressors for compressed air production and pumps for water supply are equipped with simple pressure switches instead of pressure control systems oriented to the requirements. The leading manufacturers of pressure measuring instruments and pressure sensors invest constantly in development to make the technology safer, more reliable and more economical. They do this in the belief that this technology will make a significant contribution to safety and resource savings.


  • Part 1: Covers pressure and pressure measurement
  • Part 2: Common types of pressure measuring instruments and an overview of their design, in respect of long service life
  • Part 3: Standard applications for monitoring of critical system pressure, the control of pressure and to the indirect measurement of process values.


Take note

  • Accurate pressure measurement is crucial for safety at plants.
  • A number of environmental factors must be considered when deploying a pressure measuring system.
  • Appropriate pressure sensing ensures safe and economic operation.


Published as:

Electronic pressure measurement: Part 1

By E Gaßman and A Gries, WIKA

Electricity+Control, July 2010 (pgs 40 – 45)


Electronic pressure measurement: Part 2

By E Gaßman and A Gries, WIKA

Electricity+Control, September 2010 (pgs 46- 50)


Electronic pressure measurement: Part 3

By E Gaßman and A Gries, WIKA

Electricity+Control, October 2010 (pgs 44 – 52)