Chip-in-Oil technology – a reality

Chip-in-Oil (CiO) technology – a trend towards sensor miniaturisation - is now a reality. This development can offer impressive advantages: an extremely compact structural design, high resistance to electrical noise fields and high vibration resistance thanks to low mass and short conduction paths. To clarify, CiO technology means that an ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) is fitted directly next to the pressure sensor - in the same housing - to provide users with a whole range of beneficial functions. However, this does not make the pressure measurement capsule any larger: its external dimensions remain the same. This transmitter concept is available in housings with a diameter starting from 11 mm.


Take note

  • Pressure measurement technology continues to evolve.
  • Chip-in-Oil technology embeds the electronics right into the sensor.
  • Housing the signal processing electronics within the sensor makes linearisation and temperature compensation easier and reduces EMI problems.


Published as: All-inclusive pressure transmitters

By D Hofer, Dipl. El.-Ing, Keller AG

Electricity+Control: January 2012 (pgs 32 – 34)