Advantages of in-line diaphragm pressure gauges

In-line diaphragm pressure gauges have many advantages compared to conventional pressure transmitters or diaphragm gauges. The in-line setup is well suited for continuous processes and cleaning in place (CIP) techniques. Its crevice-free designs, without kinks or sharp bends, reduce the risk of sediments or deposits in the pipework. Complying with recent hygienic standards, in-line diaphragm pressure gauges can be a good choice for clean and hygienic processes, in spite of their slightly more elaborate construction.


Take note

  • Pressure sensing in hygienic conditions poses some significant challenges.
  • In-line diaphragm technology offers some specific advantages in a hygienic situation.
  • The benefits offered by in-line diaphragm technology far outweigh the disadvantages introduced due to the relative complexity of the constructions.


Published as:

Connection and separation rolled into one

By J Breunig, WIKA

Electricity+Control, June 2012 (pgs 46 – 48)

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