Use of a LiDAR systemfor surveying power lines in Angola

By L Starka, GeoM


Published in:

Electricity+Control March 2014 (pages 38-41)



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LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems have been used for power line surveying since the late 1990s; however the latest generation of the technology means that the LiDAR system is flexible enough to be used in remote areas in developing countries.

A South African company, GeoM, has completed an aerial survey project of overhead power lines in Angola. Using a helicopter mounted high-speed laser scanner, complete with an advanced navigation and positioning system, around 1 500 kilometres of detailed LiDAR measurements were captured at a rate of approximately 80 km per day. Complemented with high resolution aerial photography and meteorological data, the laser scanned point cloud will be used by the power company’s engineering department for power line assessment and mapping to support maintenance and upgrade programmes. A second phase of the LiDAR system project started in February 2014.

The LiDAR system project has demonstrated the use of a state-of-the-art LiDAR system in a uniquely flexible configuration that can be mobilised rapidly to undertake projects in remote areas that are common in Africa.


Take note:

  • Long transmission networks can be surveyed using a LiDAR system.
  • A LiDAR system is flexible enough to be used in remote areas.
  • A LiDAR system can be mobilised rapidly.