Supervision of Italian electric power grids

Control of grids and energy management can result in reduced costs and at the same time, strengthen the competitive position of a company. Exact information of the condition of grids, effective monitoring as well as increased reliability and efficiency are becoming increasingly important for operators of distribution systems. The third biggest energy provider in Italy is investing in the control of its grids with Swiss instrumentation products being used to ensure precision.


Take note

  • Internationally, energy markets are being privatised and liberalised.
  • Liberalised energy markets require a grid that is in many ways different from those of today.
  • The Italian energy market is, to some extent, a sign of things to come.

Published as:

Swiss precision for the supervision of Italian electric power grids

By S D’Abrusco, GMC-Instruments, Italy

Electricity+Control, September 2012 (pgs 32 – 33)