Plan – Do – Check – Act
Improving energy performance

The five case studies mentioned in this article are just a few of many projects that have been successfully completed at Toyota SA. These energy reduction case studies include:

  • Pump optimisation
  • Compressed air
  • Daylight harvesting
  • Lighting reduction
  • Lighting/ ventilation

The company continues to challenge the energy targets and demonstrates continuous improvement. Toyota SA is confident that the basis for a good energy management system is in place and there is evidence of the benefits There have been some barriers along the way, primarily changing people’s mindset. Most importantly, energy reduction need not have an impact on safety, quality or production cycle time.


Take note

  • Toyota SA has established a dedicated department to focus on energy management.
  • Toyota SA considers all energy projects that show a ROI of less than two years.
  • Plan, do, check and then act!

Published as: Energy management system implementation

By A Wessels, Toyota SA Motors

Electricity+Control, March 2012 (pgs 54 – 57)