Limits of maximum linear expansion



The actuator/sensor interface (AS-Interface) is a leader in the lower field level (sensor/actuator level), with more than 18 million nodes installed, and is still growing. The critical features of this versatile field bus system include efficiency, convenient operation, flexibility, interoperability and a future-proof concept. But what are the limits of maximum linear expansion in practice? A student makes it his goal to find an answer.



Take note

  • AS-Interface is the leader in the lower field level with more than 18 million installed nodes.
  • AS-Interface cable lengths are generally limited to less than 100 m if repeaters are not used.
  • Lengths of over 200 m can be achieved using standard components.


Published as:

Maximum linear expansion of bus systems

By C Stein, Lapp Group

Electricity+Control, November 2012, pages 37 – 39