Energy savings – loss reduction opportunities

By E Kadec, Elspec


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, June 2013 (pages 42 - 43)

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Necessary components of an electrical system are contributors to energy losses in any facility. Measures can be taken to reduce current and harmonics that will help to minimise distribution losses and save energy. I2R heating losses in many facilities contribute from 1 – 3% of a facility’s overall kW usage.


Hysteresis and skin-effect losses are greatly impacted by current harmonics, and in facilities with high harmonic content, can add 1 – 5% to overall facility kW usage. Employing devices such as real-time harmonic and reactive power compensation systems can assist a facility reduce its energy consumption. Real-time systems:

  • Improve voltage stability
  • Reduce power factor penalties (if any)
  • Reduce kVA demand charges
  • Increase production through-put
  • Lower overall maintenance costs
  • Reduce electrical-related downtime
  • Improve utilisation of electrical infrastructure


Take note

  • Real losses often have non-linear characteristics that can be affected by harmonic contact.
  • Harmonic control is important in any application.
  • Real-time harmonic and reactive power compensation systems become increasingly important as our energy consciousness increases.