Dynamic Power Compensation: Case study

The vast majority of metal shredding machines are operated at medium voltage (2,4 kV to 13,2 kV) with motors varying in size from 1,5 MW to as large 6 MW). Under full- load conditions, these machines can operate at 165% of rated power with considerable dynamic load fluctuations. This case study presents before and after measurements of an installation with a 2,237 MW shredder connected to the network through a dedicated 5 MVA 13,2 / 4,16 kV transformer. The author’s company’s dynamic power compensation system, rated at 4,5 MVAr, was installed and connected directly to the shredder supply using a 5 MVA 600 V/ 4,16 kV step-up transformer – with excellent results.


Take note

  • Certain industrial load demands sudden, very high peaks of power.
  • Large power fluctuations can result in unacceptable flickering or sags on the utility supply.
  • Dynamic compensation systems can reduce the impact of large loads on the system.


Published as:

Effective shredding of metal using medium voltage dynamic reactive power compensation

By E Kadec, Elspec

Electricity+Control, November 2012 (pages 34 – 36)

Email:   ekadec@elspec-ltd.com  or   Wayne@impactenergy.co.za.