Better bottling with predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

Sourced from Bloomberg
Sourced from Bloomberg

It is difficult to tell how much the life of a plant can be extended when using predictive maintenance as opposed to other forms of maintenance, as there are many factors over which there is no control. However, there is enough evidence of reduced maintenance costs compared to ‘breakdown’ or ‘scheduled’ maintenance strategies. A case study in a South African soft drink manufacturing plant shows that the installation and application of vibration monitoring, oil analysis, in situ rotor balancing, laser shaft alignment and infrared thermography have improved the overall reliability and performance of its plants.


Take note

  • Vibration monitoring remains a key to machine diagnosis.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced by online monitoring, avoiding a purely reactive approach.
  • It is likely that plant life will be extended by such monitoring systems.


Published as: Improved performance and reliability at bottling plant
By C van der Walt, Engineering Dynamics
Electricity+Control, September 2011 (pgs 32 – 33)