3 dimensions of energy management

By J Olive, Rockwell Automation


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, March 2013 (pages 44 - 45)

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Traditionally, industrial energy consumption was seen one-dimensionally, as an unavoidable and unmanageable cost of doing business. However, managing energy is actually a three-dimensional challenge: Minimise, economise, and optimise.





  • Manufacturers can minimise energy usage by taking advantage of more efficient equipment or scheduling production intelligently to minimise energy-intensive changeover procedures.
  • They also can economise energy costs by managing where, how, and when energy is used in order to harness it when it is least expensive, such as during off-peak times.
  • Further, they can optimise energy use so as to achieve production goals in the least expensive, most profitable way while balancing the many variables inherent to manufacturing.

In other words, manufacturers can actively manage energy as one of many inputs to the overall production equation.


Take note:

  • Managing energy is a three-dimensional challenge - minimise, economise, optimise.
  • Although industrial energy demand is high, equally the opportunities for savings are high.
  • Energy costs are, without question, controllable - so tackle the problem at your plant as soon as you can.