Lighting the way for COP 17

Strong action to combat climate change and save energy through a worldwide switch to LED lighting was called for by speakers at COP 17. The solutions are out there and there is nothing stopping us from implementing LEDs. They not only offer dramatic savings in energy use and maintenance costs, but they also enhance the feeling of safety, security and comfort for people on streets and in public spaces, in buildings and at home due to their huge flexibility in terms of design and colour. LEDs make perfect sense from economic, ecological and aesthetic points of view. Nor should we forget that LED technology, when combined with the latest solar and battery developments, provides excellent, reliable off-grid solutions that can supplement the conventional electricity grid in sun rich areas. Moreover, solar driven LED lighting provides an effective and cost-efficient solution to extend the day after dusk of some1,6 billion people who don’t have access to the conventional electricity grid.


Take note

  • LED lighting has reached a level of maturity that makes it a real lighting option.
  • LEDs offer significant energy savings and reduced maintenance costs.
  • LED lighting combines well with solar PV and battery technology to provide real off-grid solutions.


Published as:

Durban leads with LED

By M Debrowski, Philips Lighting, and S O’Donoghue, Consultant

Electricity+Control, April 2012 (pgs 52 – 54)

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