South African lighting industry – sees the light

Due to an Eskom rebate incentive programme, South Africa was a world first in converting a fluorescent lighting market from using traditional wound gear to electronic ballasts, resulting in an immediate 25% saving in energy consumption.

This was initiated in 2004 through an Eskom submission that made Voltex the distribution arm and Osram the technology partner. The programme was quickly taken up by the majority of local lighting manufacturers, which resulted in savings of over 20 MW being achieved in the first 12 months of its operation.

Technology has subsequently led to increased savings being achieved through improved luminaire design, material enhancement and through the introduction of lighting controls, such as occupancy sensors to the more sophisticated use of daylight harvesting, ie controlling light levels through the use of natural light.


Take note

  • Lighting is estimated to account for almost 20% of global electricity consumption.
  • 70% of the global lighting load is probably based on inefficient technologies.
  • LED lighting is likely to command 80% of the lighting market within the decade.

Published as:

Lighting industry – total transformation

By D Donald, lighting consultant

Electricity+Control, November 2012 (pages 50 – 51)