Large manufacturer saves big with energy efficient lighting

By G Burley, QDM


Published in:

Electricity+Control, November 2015 (pages 32 – 33)

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In 2014 a Nelson Mandela Bay-based manufacturer approached a local energy saving company, to assist in reducing its (the former’s) monthly energy account. Energy saving has become a fundamental component of South Africa’s energy and environmental policies as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions in a more cost effective way than any other energy or climate policy. Despite a major drive to switch off lights when not needed, lighting and air-cons are often found left on in unoccupied offices and warehouses as was the case in this project.

After consultation, an investment of R2,3 M was made towards energy saving lights and motion sensors. A first point of call for all energy saving projects is to upgrade the lighting fixtures according to the premises’ exact needs as well as installing updated technology which can significantly optimise power usage. The company decided to move away from the old technology and quality energy saving lights were installed.

The sensors regulate the lights and air-con in the offices and warehouse when there is no occupancy. In the office block savings of around 40% per year were forecast with lighting and air-con accounting for up to 60% of the building’s running costs per year.


Take note

  • Energy saving, as a way of life, is more effective in reducing greenhouse gases than any energy or climate policy.
  • A first point of call for energy savings projects is to upgrade the lighting fixtures.
  • Moving away from outdated technology significantly optimises energy savings.