Key to emergency lighting effectiveness

By R Head, Hochiki Europe


Published in:

Electricity+Control, April 2015 (pages 38 – 40)

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Emergency lighting is a vital life safety feature in any development, and essential for the modern-day built environment. In the case of an emergency, such technology is there to illuminate escape routes, enable building occupants to see their way clearly and avoid obstacles to evacuate the structure as quickly and safely as possible. Without lighting equipment in place, people are far more likely to lose their lives in a fire.

With these benefits in mind, a growing number of organisations in Africa have, in recent years, begun to incorporate emergency lighting technology into their buildings. This growth in use is both to optimise the safety of employees and visitors and to ensure compliance with legislation, such as Part T (Fire Protection) of the National Building Regulations [1] in South Africa, and similar laws being implemented across the continent.

So how can installers ensure they recommend and install the most appropriate emergency lighting equipment for the needs of their customer’s building?


Take note

  • Emergency lighting is a vital life safety feature in any development.
  • Emergency lighting solutions must fall within the requirements of key international standards.
  • Installers of an emergency lighting system must consider the maintenance requirements of the system over its lifetime.