Future looks bright for LEDs

By D Kasper, BEKA


Published in:

Electricity+Control, November 2013 (pages 24 - 26)

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The LED market is showing dynamic development, particularly in the area of general lighting. Improvements in economics, along with their fundamental technical advantages, will see LEDs become the preferred option in almost all lighting niches – both indoor and outdoor. Leading market researchers continue to predict double-figure growth rates for this technology. Continuous investments in LED technology and quality lead to higher energy efficiency and lifetime thereby reducing energy costs and maintenance.

With this bright future, many lighting companies now offer LED solutions and manufacturers claim that the standardisation of performance requirements is an important first step in the fair comparison of luminaries. In this regard, the IEC has prepared and published various safety and LED performance standards for LED-related control gear, lamps, modules, luminaries and products. Some of these can easily be adopted in South Africa and published as SANS documents.

However, the performance IEC standards relating to LED luminaires cannot easily be adopted as not many international testing facilities - including our local testing facility - have the capacity and equipment to successfully and timeously conduct the required performance tests. The local lighting industry, consumer representatives and other key players have therefore founded a working group to address this and compose a local luminaire LED performance standard which will be soon available for public comment and published thereafter.


Take note

  • The LED market is showing highly dynamic development, particularly in the area of general lighting.
  • The SABS guideline for the installation and maintenance of street lighting has been revised and redrafted to include LED technology.
  • The lifetime of LED products is expected to be much longer than that of other types of lighting systems.