Fundamentals of lighting and lighting design

By T Bond, ACDC Dynamics


Published in:

Electricity+Control, April 2014 (pages 22-24)



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Lighting design generally considers the following main factors:

  • Whether the lighting is required for indoor or outdoor purposes
  • Whether it will be in a safe or hazardous area
  • The required illumination level necessary for the task to be performed
  • The working plane level at which the recommended or required lux is to be achieved
  • The type of lamps to be used and their lumen outputs
  • Mounting height and provisions available
  • The uniformity to be achieved
  • The colour rendition acceptable for the task

 This article takes you through the correct process of assessing your lighting design requirements.


Take note

  • The selection of lighting should not be taken for granted.
  • Factors to consider for lighting design include whether it is indoor or outdoor lighting and whether the area is safe or hazardous.
  • A calculated lighting solution is the best solution.