Ian Jandrell's comment February 2016


Climate change and global warming are hot topics. Climate change is a normal event for our planet and our responsibility is to understand how and why we may be influencing it… and we are. We are obliged, as the dominant species of the planet, to learn how best to control what we do. Instead of treating water and energy as commodities that we pay for and use, can we learn to treat them as fundamental resources?




Ian Jandrell's comment January 2016


Ian Jandrell reminds us of the fragility of not only the continent, but of the world. He touches on issues that, in 2016, we need to begin to address as a nation. His challenge is: In the chaos that prevails, there is opportunity. It is up to every one of us to find that opportunity and make a contribution to the new future.




Ian Jandrell's comment December 2015


2015 has been an interesting year… and somewhat different from what we predicted and expected. A couple of significant events and outcomes need to be acknowledged: The ‘Fees must Fall’ campaign, with the notion of affordable, quality education for all, will have fundamental consequences at a time when education is in crisis in South Africa. Another fascinating issue is the energy supply situation… how negative South Africans were at the beginning of the year… and how, seemingly, there has been a turnaround. The future of energy in any economy must be high on the agenda.




Ian Jandrell's comment November 2015


The funding and provision of quality education for the youth is necessary if this country is to move forward and upward in all respects. Every young person deserves a good education. However, with State subsidies decreasing and the cost of world-class education increasing, how can we make ‘quality education for scholars and students’ a reality in South Africa?




Ian Jandrell's comment September 2015

Ian Jandrell briefly discusses his visit to Lusaka, Zambia, where he attended the 2nd African Centres for Lightning and Electromagnetics (ACLE) International Symposium: ‘Strategic Interventions to Mitigate the Hazard of Lightning’. He shares some insight on lightning in Africa – and brings to our attention the potential that is prevalent north of South Africa. 



Ian Jandrell's comment August 2015


Ian Jandrell talks about the potential that prevails in the amazing continent of Africa. He emphasises that the final solution to our energy requirements will be through a mix of various sources of energy, with hydro and solar having a significant role in that mix. He reminds us of the enormous investment that is required to achieve the goals that we need to reach.




Ian Jandrell's comment July 2015

We remember an event (such as the 2010 Soccer World Cup, for example) which brought so much energy and light heartedness into our lives – yet, years down the line we discover that it was riddled with corruption. Ian Jandrell asks why ‘ethical’ has become a rare commodity. It is no longer inherent to differentiate between right and wrong or to know how to behave appropriately. What will it take for moral fibre to return to individuals and society?



Ian Jandrell's comment June 2015

Ian Jandrell reflects on the recent political activity, associated with student leadership, which caused statues of many of our notorious, historical politicians to tumble and fall! Students had a significant voice in the political struggle of the past and once again, in 2015, they remind us that we cannot ignore the deep-seated challenges embedded in our society. We need to deal with these and work towards solutions. Ian also touches on the changes that are taking place in the manufacturing industry and the accompanying opportunities. 



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