ISO compliance should be compulsory

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) is a voluntary set of systems for companies around the world whereby they gain accreditation according to certain standards that meet both the requirements of business, legislation and the broader needs of society. Key principles of an ISO Quality Management System, known as the eight principles of Quality Management, include customer focus, leadership, involvement of employees, system and process approach, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutual beneficial supplier relationships. Although ISO certification is mainly voluntary, it is becoming increasingly prevalent in industry today.


Take note

  • There are eight key principles of quality management.
  • Although ISO certification is voluntary, it is becoming increasingly prevalent in industry.
  • A constant striving for higher levels of excellence without doubt ensures the sustainability of the business.


Published as:

ISO Certification: Differentiating factor in quality offerings

By A Shaik, Air Products South Africa

Electricity+Control, March 2012 (pgs 48 – 49)