Value of modern 2-wire technology for MRO

By S Milford, Endress+Hauser


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Published in:

Electricity+Control, July 2013 (pages 16 - 17)

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Where a process plant has a large installed base of older mechanical technologies, the decision to embark upon a programme of replacement toward plant modernisation cannot of course be taken easily. There are the stocks of spare parts to consider along with the plant Instrument technicians who are trained on, and at ease with, the old devices.

Whilst the new ultrasonic or Coriolis two-wire devices cannot be installed without the pipe being emptied and perhaps a flange being re-welded, the major cost of cable and power supply installation is avoided, and the benefits of improved plant operation can be realised.

A process plant which retains the older technology going forward will be at risk and may find it increasingly difficult or even impossible to maintain a cost position that competes effectively in the global market.


Take note

  • There remains an installed base of older-technology flow meters.
  • There is a case for careful maintenance and life extension of installed equipment.
  • In many cases, newer technologies offer significant advantages that may give them a cost advantage.