Importance of selecting correct flow meter

Experience in South African and international industrial environments has shown that significant savings (in excess of 20%) can be obtained in the normally energy conscious area of utilities consumption – this covers ‘Water, Air, Gases, Electricity and Steam,’ commonly collectively referred to as ‘WAGES’.

Regardless of the energy management concept used, the ‘key ingredient’ to these strategies is the proper measurement of these media at the points of supply (eg compressors, boilers, water and gas incoming lines etc) and major points of consumption (eg factory departments’ feeds, major points of usage, etc). It is important that whilst super accurate flow metering is not the number one essential, what is important is that all the metering points measure correctly over the full plant operating range and take into account the practical realities of the installations (eg pipework) and flow media conditions (eg cleanliness, quality, composition). Choosing the correct flow meter for any particular measurement point can be a challenge!


Take note

  • Water, air, gas, electricity and steam (WAGES) represent energy consumed.
  • To monitor utility consumption (WAGES) requires accurate measurement – much of which is a flow measurement.
  • Choosing the correct flow meter is both critical and a challenge.


Published as:

Importance of measurement at points of supply and consumption

By C Gimson, Endress+Hauser Pyrotemp

Electricity+Control, December 2012 (page16-20)