Flow meters and accuracy


When determining accuracy, calibration is just a link in a chain of quality control measures governed by internationally recognised standards. Equally important are measurement uncertainty, traceability, accreditation and verification.

Measurement uncertainty: The most important quality criterion in any comparison between calibration facilities.

Traceability: An unbroken ‘chain’ of comparisons extending back from the device that is being tested to the testing equipment… and finally to the hierarchically highest national standard of a country.

Accreditation: The formal recognition of a body’s technical competence in performing specific services, such as calibration.

Verification: Confirmation that a flow meter is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Take note

  • Calibration is accuracy’s best friend.
  • All flow meters require periodic recalibration and verification.
  • Calibration can be done in the lab, and more importantly, in the field.


Published as:

Accuracy means ‘money’

Flow meters and calibration

Electricity+Control, July 2012 (pgs 34 – 36)

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