Why choose ultrasonics?

Ultrasonics is a viable alternative technology to the time-tried turbine for custody-transfer applications in the oil and gas industry, and there are situations where this has to be preferred technology. Likewise there are situations where there is no pressing need to force a change from that established technology. In this article situations are outlined where ultrasonics makes immediate sense. The  article ends with a debate on both technologies.

Some strengths of ultrasonics

No need for re-calibration, excellent long-term stability.Calibrated on full Reynolds range and various hydrocarbons.Accuracy remains the same over full Reynolds – unaffected by viscosity changes due to temperature.Same performance in bi-directional configuration.No moving parts, no maintenance.Viscosity-independent.


Take note

  • The American Petroleum Institute (API) lists a comprehensive number of diagnostic capabilities for flowmeters.
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters are now commonly used.
  • Ultrasonic flowmeters offer significant advantages in certain applications.


Published as:

Avert the dirt: Choose the right flowmeter to avoid the effects of fouling

By H Boxley, KROHNE ZA

Electricity+Control, April 2012 (pgs 28 - 29)

Email: John.Boxley@krohnesa.co.za