Accurate, reliable and versatile Coriolis flow meters

By F van den Berg, Endress+Hauser


Published in:

Electricity+Control, April 2014 (pages 36-38)



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Case studies from diverse industries such as medical, beverage and petroleum, illustrate the advantages of Coriolis mass flow meters.

Medical: The Sanofi factory in Tours, France, manufactures medicines. In 2009 the company wanted to redesign the distribution network for the alcohol used as an ingredient in preparations, to reduce tank handling and transfer operations to a minimum. Coriolis mass flow meters gave the company a one-hour increase in productivity and the simplicity of the solution was confirmed during use.

Beverage: Many applications in the beverage industry can be successfully monitored with Promass 83 instruments. The high accuracy and immunity to outside vibrations make Promass the perfect choice for the following measurements:


  • Mass flow % mass flow
  • Density % volume flow
  • Temperature standard density
  • Volumetric flow % alcohol
  • Standard volume flow Brix
  • Target flow rates Balling
  • Carrier flow rates


Petroleum: Shell required a new loading bay for bulk finished products – mainly hydraulic and engine oils. 83F Coriolis mass flow meters with a Profibus DP communication network was a successful option.


Take note

  • The advantages of Coriolis mass flow meters are numerous.
  • In one case study the company gained a one hour increase in productivity, using mass flow meters.
  • Coriolis mass flow meters are low maintenance, accurate, secure and user-friendly.