Wave Energy machine

In September 2009, a research section of the commercial 500 kW wave energy machine was installed in the North Sea near Denmark. An impressive 40 m long, with two 5 m diameter floats, it represents a shortened ‘test’ version of the complete machine. Located 300 m off Hanstholm in the North Sea at a water depth of 7 m, it is already connected to the grid. When completed, the machine will be 70 m long with 20 floats. Unlike other wave power concepts, the Wave Star machine, which is based on standard offshore technology, does not form a barrier against the waves but instead sits at right angles. This way, the waves run along the length of the machine and the energy is utilised in a continuous process.


Take note

  • Wave energy technology has been applied in the field.
  • Wave energy is not a consistent source and so efficient use of this energy requires careful control.
  • With powerful control, a 500 kW system has proved itself over a number of years.


Published as:

Managing energy generation

By L Marquis, Wave Star

Electricity+Control, October 2011 (pg 51)