Waste not… Convert garbage into fuel

Organic waste like bio-, municipal- and agricultural waste can be converted into fuel by a ‘laptop’ waste conversion plant. A thermal plasma process is used for gasification of the waste into a syngas that is scrubbed, compressed, cleaned further and converted into the desired product spread via a small-scale Fischer Tropsch process using a standard catalyst bed. This product is a liquid fuel and can be used to generate electricity. ‘BeauTifuel’ was showcased at the COP 17 conference in November/ December 2011 in Durban.

Take note

  • The Fischer Tropsch process can be scaled down to a few barrels per day.
  • Organic waste can be converted into fuel using this process.
  • The BeauTifuel system produces one barrel of liquid fuel per ton of waste.

Published as: ‘BeauTifuel’ Plasma gasification for conversion of garbage to fuel

By IJ van der Walt, Necsa,  Electricity+Control, March 2012 (pgs 70 - 71)

Email: jaco.vanderwalt@necsa.co.za