VSDs – power saving in cooling pump systems

By A Chalmers, Irri-Gator Products


Published in:

Electricity+Control, October 2013 (pages 58 – 59)

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The full article on VSDs - power saving in cooling pump systems can be downloaded in PDF format.


Numerous production facilities around South Africa make use of conventional centrifugal end suction-type pumps to circulate water through their production cooling systems. Often these pumps are either running unnecessarily at full speed while the production plant is operating well under maximum production capacity or regulating valves are employed to throttle back the system’s operating pressure in an oversized pumping system resulting in a huge wastage of power consumed.

By replacing conventional ac motor starter equipment with variable speed drives (VSDs) and a simple control system, it may well be possible to unlock substantial energy savings in the production plant’s energy bill.


Take note

  • If correctly applied, VSDs can provide substantial power savings.
  • Pumps are commonly used, and combining them with a VSD may result in savings.
  • No VSD should be installed without a proper investigation.