‘The Green Hour’

‘The Green Hour’ is a one-hour radio show on Kingfisher FM, a family lifestyle and community-driven radio station, broadcast in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, South Africa). It showcases energy saving champions in communities around the country, giving them a platform to share their good news stories in the hope that others will be inspired to use energy more efficiently. ‘The Green Hour’ has made a substantial contribution to Kingfisher FM’s listeners, branding the station as a Green/ Energy Efficient (EE) Awareness media house that educates the public on the sustainable use of resources. In Nelson Mandela Bay ‘The Green Hour’ and Kingfisher FM are known as the ‘EE Champions’ for sharing energy saving tips and good news stories of individuals and companies who are making a meaningful contribution.

‘The Green Hour’

103.8 and 107.5 - Wednesdays from 08:00 – 09:00

Also available on live streaming through the website www.greenhour.saee.org.za.

 Take note

  • Energy efficiency, and facing the reality of our lingering energy crisis, is everyone’s business.
  • ‘The Green Hour’ is a radio programme aimed at sharing positive stories and useful information regarding energy efficiency.
  • ‘The Green Hour’ is run in partnership with the Southern African Association of Energy Efficiency (SAEE) and has been nationally recognised and awarded for its impact.


Published as:

‘The Green Hour’

By G Burley, SAEE Eastern Cape

Electricity+Control, February 2013 (pages 40 - 41)

Email: easterncape@saee.org.za