Steps towards efficient 'footprint'

One of the greatest challenges faced by the ‘Centurion Mall’ (a shopping centre located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa) was that energy use was not being measured in real time and without this ‘real time’ information truly efficient energy savings management was not possible. The shortcoming has since been addressed through the ‘National Energy Barometer Survey’ and the ‘mall team’ has participated in further ventures with metering solutions that offer real time capability.

The ‘National Energy Barometer Survey’ encourages companies to become aware of their energy consumption levels and to improve these in the interest of their own bottom-lines as well as the national economy, at the same time providing a platform for comparison and learning.

The Centurion Mall was awarded a well-deserved runner-up position in the Shopping Centre Category of the most recent National Energy Barometer Survey.

 National Energy Barometer

With support from the Central Energy Fund (CEF) through the National Energy Efficiency Agency (NEEA), as well as endorsement from government’s national energy efficiency campaign - Save It! – and the developers of the barometer, Energy Cybernetics, the National Energy Barometer was successfully rolled out in 2010.

 Take note

  • The National Energy Barometer is an important aid to improved system efficiency.
  • Centurion Mall was runner-up in the most recent National Energy Barometer Survey.
  • The survey for 2012 is open for participation at


Published as: Shopping ‘energy efficiently’ at Centurion Mall

By B Dalgleish, Energy Cybernetics

Electricity+Control, February 2012 (pgs 54 - 55)