Solar water heating - Monash campus in South Africa

This Monash University campus receives ample sunlight to charge the new solar system which has been installed in its residences. The students are assured of hot showers at all times and the inconvenience of having a cold shower in the event of one of the fairly frequent power outages in the area has been eliminated. The system includes a total of 128 solar thermal collectors with 1,32 MWh of energy generated per day and savings of R1 320 per day.


Take note

  • Solar water heating can be used both domestically and commercially.
  • Solar water heating can be integrated successfully into existing systems.
  • Once the installation has been paid for, savings accrue on a daily basis.


Published as:

Saving with solar

By N von Hase, Solsquare

Electricity+Control, September 2012 (pg 50)